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Community Garden

Over the coming months you will see changes happening in the land around the Ampthill Mission Hub church building as we create a Community Garden for Wildlife & Wellbeing.


A lot of the holly hedge will be going, along with some of the shrubs and we will be making the grounds more accessible. 


We will be growing plants that will benefit the local wildlife, with lots of flowers for the pollinators.  We will also be growing herbs and other edibles for you, the community, to share.   There will be a place for you to sit, feeders for the birds, and a bin for your litter!


We want this to be a garden for all our community to share, and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in a range of different ways.  If you see us working in the garden stop and say hello and ask us about what’s happening. 

On Friday 26th April Ben and Silas started work on clearing the ground.


After checking the holly for live nests (there weren't any) Ben got to work with his chainsaw to start removing the hedge. 

By lunchtime, the hedge was greatly reduced and all the shrubs were out. However, the pile of greenery for the tip was huge!


After a break for lunch, allowing the Katherine Concert to go ahead in peace, it was time to remove the roots. Some were tougher than others and Ben moved to a bigger chainsaw!

They finally packed up for the day leaving a much clearer area which shows what a lot of space there is for the new garden. 


You can see what happens next and how you can get involved here and on our Facebook page. 

If you have any spare green garden waste bags we'd love to 'borrow' them!

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