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Food Bank
For the past few years the Church has been an active collection point for the Bedford Food Bank.  During 2021 a total of 40.41kg of food was donated by Ampthill Methodist Church which will have provided 96 meals.  In  2021,  the  generosity  of the  people  of  Bedford  and  the surrounding  area  provided  enough  food  to enable the foodbank to feed 11,575 people, of whom 4027  were children.  They were able to distribute 137,129.75 kilogrammes of food and toiletries. This provided 326,500 meals. They now have around 220 referral agencies who are ideally placed in the community to identify individuals and families who are in need and to distribute vouchers.

If anyone brings a donation for the Foodbank to the church please could you check the dates on the items to make sure they are not out of date. Sadly we cannot give out anything that’s past it’s use by date.


Food is usually taken to the warehouse in Bedford on a Wednesday afternoon. 


For more information see           


Churches Together
We actively encourage and participate in various joint services and events with other local churches in Ampthill and surrounding villages, both Methodist and other denominations.  There are other joint events and services throughout the year, see the Events Page for details.

You can see what is happening with Churches Together in Ampthill & Flitwick here.

​Pastoral Care
We have a pastoral team who are happy to visit church members and others in their homes if requested. Anyone who is sick and woul
d like a home visit can contact the Pastoral Secretary via the Enquiries Form below or the Minister.

The Need Project

The Need Project is a Christian organisation motivated by Jesus’ teaching on poverty and injustice.  They operate according to Christian principles of compassion, honesty, integrity, openness, kindness and care of all people, regardless of backgrounds or beliefs (or none).  They accept donations and distribute help, usually in the way of food parcels, to those in need.

You can find out more at their website here.

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